Meeting with Eduardo, Vince and Gabriel

Meeting with Eduardo, Vince and Gabriel

Eduardo, Vince and Gabriel welcome us to their super stylish place. Their work tools are meticulously placed on the walls and their logo sits in the middle of a large fresco : photos, drawings and colors recalling the company's identity. In the background, Pink Floyd and the sound of vinyl and 3D printers.

Eduardo and Vince started out selling t-shirts at the Saint-Leonard flea market before Gabriel joined the team later. Vince recounts the begginnings : " We started with my cousin and we really liked it. So we thought we were going to open our own business. Now we are here! We are very happy because it's something we are all passionate about. After spending a few years in a smass office located in an industrial building, the trio embarks on Jean-talon, the street of their childhood. Eduardo recalls : "When we where young, we always passed her, but we never thought of opening a business there."

Eduardo studied printings and fine arts, but didn't necessarily think of tatrting a business later : " I didn't know at school that I was going to do that. I started making logos for people. And they asked me to make cards and other things. "

The young company specializes in image services for cimpanies : " We are there for those who are starting a new company. They need a website, business cards, stickers, products and sweaters. Someone can come here with absolutely nothing and come out with everything to start their business. " 3D printers make it possible to display figurines, vases and especially the signs in which the team specializes. Why create signs? Eduardo explains : " If you are someone who has no ideas, the machines are not going to work. We all talked together to see what we want to offer to our customers and we had the idea of making signs."