The SDC Jean-Talon is the initiative of merchants and business places, supported by the Corporation of economical and community revival of Saint-Léonard (which became the Corporation of economical and community development of Saint-Léonard before disappearing), the Chamber of commerce of Saint-Léonard and the district of Saint-Léonard.


Following the results of a survey conducted by Convercité in 2002, a promoter committee was created to lay the foundations for a structured organization. During this first year, the efforts were concentrated on setting up activities such as a street sale, a shop window contest and a Santa Claus parade.


Few years later,  the promoters took steps to create a corporation for business development (société de développement commerciale or SDC). In January 2008, all the occupants of the SDC sector were called to vote in a referendum. Thanks to a broad mobilization and a great success in the referendum, the SDC Jean-Talon settled in the heart of its commercial artery, at the corner of Valdombre Street, in April 2008.



In the spring of 2018, the Quebec government finally agreed to extend the blue metro line, two of which were directly on the territory of the SDC (Viau and Lacordaire) and another nearby (Langelier). Jean-Talon Street is therefore called for an ambitious development that would allow it to finally become the long-awaited city center of the citizens of Saint-Léonard.