Meeting with Patricia

Meeting with Patricia

Patricia has just opened the doors of La Mastoura and several customers are already rushing into the pastel-colored room. The boutique, wich has been open for five years now, offers ready-to-wear for all women interested in "modest fashion". By the way, "Mastoura" means modestly covered.

The businesswoman explains how she started selling so-called modest fashion clothes after converting to Islam 10 years ago. "Before I worked in fashion, I was working in boutiques like Aldo, Lacoste, etc. I liked to dress well, but when I went shopping in other stores, I couldn't find my style. Gradually, I started selling things from home. Then little by little, I set up a kiosk at the flea market."

After maintaining her kiosk for two years, she decided to find her own premises. "I wanted a big, beautiful showcase and I was looking for Jean-Talon Street. When I saw this one, I said to myself it's perfect, plus there's a mosque in front.

Patricia's business reflects her tasted and values. "It's a shop for everyone. It's a modest women's clothing store, and then we follow the trends." Patricia points out that La Mastoura is not only targeting Musilm women, but all women sho want to wear more covering clothes, while remaining fashionable. In addition, the collections come mainly from Europe and follow the colors of the season. 

Why does she like having her own shop? "Being my own boss means choosing my own schedule, not depending on anyone, dressing how I want and being free on my own." Patricia has created a place for women to meet and talk about new trends and their styles : "I like to help women find clothes that reflect them and share my values."