Meeting with Robed and Myriam

Meeting with Robed and Myriam

Robed and Myriam, couple and business partners, welcome us with a big smile in their beautiful restaurant. They tell us their story while Robed prepares us a sunny ginger cocktail.


Where does the name of the restaurant come from? Kay means "house" in Creole. Epiceskay therefore means “homemade spices”. Robed has indeed started making spice blends at home: “I said to myself: if people like it, why not? It’s these spice blends that give a special touch to the restaurant's dishes. Customers can also take a jar of the famous mixture and use it to cook at home.


The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. Swings are installed in front of the window, baskets act as light fixtures and the wall is covered with a large work of art representing the Haitian revolution. “We wanted it to reflect our personality, but also the personality of our culture. The wall is the main statement, the rest brings back the Caribbean.”  explains Miriam.


Robed explains their vision while he serves us the famous cocktail: “When I arrived in 2006, all that was said about Haitian catering was not that. We wanted to make the necessary changes. We are starting to bring people to life what Haitian food is, Haitian catering. Because that's what I had at home. That was the motivation. »


Myriam wants to show that Haitian cuisine can also be healthy and unifying: “It remains a food that we call combite. Combite is when everyone gets together and eats almost from the same tray. We wanted to highlight the fact that there is variety and also that food can be healthy! »


We finish the interview by taking a few sips: it's refreshing, sweet and sparkling, it's the perfect cocktail for a successful summer.