Meeting with Tina

Meeting with Tina

The showcase presents sets of clothes and yet, it is in a hairdressing salon that we enter. Tina welcomes us warmly and introduces us to her colleague: “She is Lynda. She has worked here for 40 years and I have 57.”


The businesswoman has seen Jean-Talon Street evolve over time: "There was nothing built in front and next to it it ended there," she explains. Tina was just 17 years old when she was approached to work at Fa-By haute coiffure. After working for three years with the woman who gave her name to the business, Tina took over the business with her sister. Later, Linda will be added to the team and the two women will develop a strong relationship over the years. Today, a simple look allows them to understand each other: “Here it’s like a second home, a second family. And Lynda is like my daughter,” she tells us.


Customers have been coming to get their hair done for 40 or 50 years and with good reason, because this hair salon is not like the others. Tina and Linda have somehow created a community space around their small business. The team wants to help customers who need it. Tina explains that some clients can no longer travel far from their homes, either due to physical difficulty or out of fear. So she had the idea of ​​selling some clothes and accessories. The small team also organizes Christmas dinners, but above all, they listen and advise those who are in low spirits: “Some are down, they call us and we cheer them up. "Fa-by haute coiffure is therefore also a place for meetings, sharing and friendship "Some people have made friends here! »


Tina is still passionate about her profession “I enjoy every moment. That's why I'm still here at 75. What she prefers is human contact and helping people find themselves beautiful. Her secret? "Tomorrow I don't know what will happen. But today is a good day. So I enjoy every moment. »