Meeting with Tony

Meeting with Tony

Tony is already busy with a customer when we arrive, it's an opportunity for us to go around the store. It’s undeniable, there is a special atmosphere in these rooms filled with an incredible variety of guitars: there are all styles, shapes and colors! Meticulously hung on the walls, they cover them completely. "If you've never been to this kind of store before, you may be a bit overwhelmed. I'm there every day so I'm used to it." Tony reassures us by seeing our amazed eyes.


This great music lover opened his store 37 years ago on the other side of the street before moving to the present premises a few years later. His clientele consists mainly of experienced musicians. As a result, he is often invited to music shows, which does not displease him!


Tony is first and foremost a musician himself, which is what prompted him to open his business: "It was my hobby and it became my job!" he says enthusiastically. Moreover, he explains to us that this is often the case: “All musicians like music stores. They often hang out there. The majority of musical instrument businesses are owned by musicians or ex-musicians. I've played all my life, so it's easy to be here." The businessman remains passionate about music and follows the music scene from here and elsewhere with great interest: “I am still excited about the industry. I like to go out and see new bands play. The atmosphere before the start of the show, the lights; we know the show is about to begin! Some succeed and some fall.”


This musical paradise is the ideal destination for your first guitar or to add a new one to your collection: among his vast choice, Tony will be able to guide you to the guitar that will make you vibrate.